Tetmon EdgeSet

No-code virtual data warehouse for anyone, within minutes.

Having provided professional services to various firms for DevOps, data and database, we notice one common pain point, regardless of industry:

C-suite, operations, finance, business development, tech, customer experience, all need accurate data to operate efficiently, but the needed data is often spread across disparate databases.

A central data warehouse provides immense benefits, but it’s difficult and costly to set up.

The traditional, common solution of setting up a central data warehouse could take:
1-2 years
Significant capital investment
10-20 engineers

Tetmon's Edgeset integrates various cloud and on-premise databases into a single point of access so that you can easily query large data within your organisation, without technical expertise!

Data integration layer

And other on-premise and cloud databases.

EdgeSet Core Benefits

Reduce error + time spent

Cost savings

Insights in minutes

Data transforms are now cheap & easy. Reduced ETL & data engineering headcount.


User access + Privacy controls

Data Discovery:
Hive/ AWS Glue not needed

Secure on-premise or
web deployment

Case Study

One of Singapore's premier financial institutions uses EdgeSet to join multiple Excels, to generate cost savings

Situation Before Edgeset
  • 5-person Operations team has to regularly work till midnight to reconcile trades
  • Data errors hinder trade analysis
After Implementing EdgeSet
  • Operations staff can now go home on-time
  • Automation reduced manual "eye-ball" checks
Cost Benefits
  • 6 manhours saved, per day
Other Benefits
  • Better trade analysis
  • Reduced human error


For a typical pilot run, EdgeSet can be deployed within 1 to 5 working days

Sign order form & decide on data sources

30 minutes video walkthrough

Client provide data source details

30 minute video call to ensure successful deployment