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The Benefits of SaaS without the Downsides

Chris Forno
2 min. read|January 10, 2024

EdgeSet is not a SaaS. You can self-host it or run it on your desktop. We also offer managed hosting if you don’t want to deal with self-hosting, but it’s optional.

Data lakes are too sensitive to trust to the cloud

Data lakes are the ideal target for theft: all your valuable data is in one easy-to-access location. Because we’re obsessed with security, we don’t follow the common SaaS practices of mixing different customers’ data on the same servers or giving our engineers access to the data. And certifications from SaaS providers like ISO 27001 and SOC 2 unfortunately don’t guarantee the security of your data, they merely demonstrate that the company has written security policies.

If you use self-hosted or desktop EdgeSet, your data never touches our servers. For our managed hosting, we designed EdgeSet so that we can deploy and monitor it without shell, database, or web access. It runs on its own dedicated server that we manage, but we have no access to your data. It’s as if you’re self-hosting it, but without the setup hassle.

SaaS data lakes/warehouses require centralization

One of the key benefits of a distributed analytics system like EdgeSet is that it doesn’t require loading data up-front. To use a SaaS for analysis you either must first upload all of your data to it or get lucky that you and all your data are “close” to the SaaS’s servers in your network topology (and if your data is on-premise, this is impossible).

We go where SaaS cannot

Do you have data sovereignty requirements? We provide managed hosting in Singapore, London, Frankfurt, and Sydney or you can self-host on any cloud or bare metal provider anywhere in the world. And with our peer-to-peer functionality, you can run EdgeSet on a desktop in your office while still providing web-based access to every member of your organization, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

CapEx or OpEx? You decide

While some services are definitely well-suited to SaaS, we think the trend of everything-as-a-service is driven by the appeal of recurring monthly revenue for providers.

We’ve taken the advantages of a SaaS:

  • A smaller up-front investment
  • Easy access from anywhere
  • Automatic updates

…and brought them all to EdgeSet, without making the sacrifices that a SaaS model requires. We don’t hold your data hostage. If you opt for a desktop or self-hosted license and decide that you don’t need upgrades or support from us, you’re free to continue using it for as long as you want.