Finally, business metrics at your fingertips

Introducing EdgeSet, an AI-based tool that allows you to analyse key business metrics, all by yourself.

EdgeSet is trusted by business owners.
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Data Discovery

Built for Spreadsheets.

Use your Google sheets and Excels as if they were SQL databases and get the benefits of a CRM, ERP without losing the flexibility of a spreadsheet.
Built for Spreadsheets

Zero ETL.

EdgeSet is a zero ETL solution. No need to move your data to a data warehouse. Query your data directly from your source.
Zero ETL

Join across databases.

Join tables across different databases easily with one click. Query across data sources with single query.
Join across databases

On-demand Row Fetching.

Supports exploring millions of records through the interface while keeping the connection open throughout the exploration.
On-demand Row Fetching

Automated Inference

Built-in AI.

EdgeSet deploys AI to automatically infer columns for you.
Built-in AI

Table inference.

Support importing semi-structured data (i.e. tabular files) without any manual error-prone data engineering work.
Table inference

Data range Detection.

Scans each spreadsheet to detect all cell ranges that could form possible data tables and performs table inference on all such ranges.
Data range Detection


Built-in dashboards.

Create dashboards from your data, without technical help, or build custom visuals to aid your decision making.
Built-in dashboards

Share Dashboard.

Share and embed dashboards publicly on your website for feedback and analysis.
Share Dashboard

Connect to BI tools.

Easily connect to your favorite analytical tool, with zero configuration to generate custom output.
Connect to BI tools

Privacy and Security

The Benefits of SaaS without the Downsides.

We offer self-host, desktop version, managed hosting, so that no one but you (not even us), sees your valuable data.
The Benefits of SaaS without the Downsides

Granular Control.

Retain total access control over your database, including granular access control down to the column per table.
Granular Control

Peer-to-peer (P2P) capability.

A big hurdle for self-hosted software is setting up networking. Firewalls, DNS, TLS… It's a confusing hassle, even for computer network professionals. In EdgeSet, we’ve removed the hassle for you, with our peer-to-peer functionality.
Peer-to-peer (P2P) capability

Best-in-class Query engine

Works with any database

Join tables across different databases easily with one click. Query across data sources with single query.

Microsoft SQL Server
Apache Kafka
Apache OSS
Amazon Redshift
Amazon S3
Google Sheets

No Tech Department? No problem. EdgeSet will handle the integration.

Here's what our happy users say

I don't know how I survived pulling information from different databases prior to Edgeset.


CEOs used to have to ask so many layers of people for the data. The higher you go, the further you get away from data. But now, you can get data at your fingertips.


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