EdgeSet Manual


Tetmon Pte. Ltd.


March 3, 2024


Welcome to the community of data-driven organizations.

As easy to use as a Data Science notebook. EdgeSet uses a simple and familiar notebook interface inspired by popular data science and analysis tools. Connecting to a data source is as simple as filling in the connection details. You can use the same SQL dialect to query any data source—even if the data source isn’t a SQL database.

As powerful as a Big Data cluster. EdgeSet can connect to any number of data sources and combine data from these sources in a single query. By pushing queries down to the sources, EdgeSet turns your scattered data sources into a distributed parallel data processing fabric.

About this manual

This manual will guide you through every step of setting up and using EdgeSet as a comprehensive and secure virtual data warehouse and business intelligence tool.

It’s organized into chapters ordered to first acquaint you with how EdgeSet operates and then explain how to onboard the rest of the users in your organization.

The first 7 chapters will get you started connecting to different data sources and analyzing data.

The next 6 chapters will help you roll out access to the rest of your company and ensure that your data remains protected.

The final chapters explain some of the inner workings of EdgeSet’s distinctive features.

Intended audience

This manual is intended for EdgeSet users and administrators. You should be familiar with SQL and should have access to the data sources you intend to connect to.