1  Introduction

EdgeSet is an interface to your organization’s data. Depending on your needs, you may use it as a virtual data warehouse, a data integration system, or a business intelligence tool. It presents a unified view of the databases, spreadsheets, and various other data sources spread across your organization.


Everything in EdgeSet can be done through a graphical web interface. You don’t need to learn any commands or edit any configuration files.

You’re not limited to the GUI though. EdgeSet exposes a PostgreSQL-compatible interface and Presto-compatible API allowing you to connect from almost any tool or programming language.


All data in EdgeSet is represented as SQL tables, even if the data resides in a non-SQL data source. You can join data from any data sources as if they lived in a single SQL database. You can use filtering, aggregating, windowing, and statistical functions seamlessly on all your data.


Compared to traditional data warehouses, EdgeSet does not rely on an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipeline. The data necessary to answer a query is fetched at query runtime. Adding a new data source takes minutes, not days. There is also no need to provision storage space.