4  Connect Data Sources

To connect to a data source in EdgeSet, first navigate to “Connect” in the navigation bar. Available data sources are listed on the “Add new data source” card.

You can add any number of each data source type. For example, you can add multiple PostgreSQL databases.

4.1 Google Sheets

To access Google Sheets, you need to:

  1. Enable Google Drive API and Google Sheets API.
  2. Create a Service Account user.
  3. Grant the Service Account user permissions:
  4. Download the credentials (JSON) file for the Service Account user.

4.2 Supported Data Source Versions

Data Source Versions Notes
Alibaba OSS N/A requires an API key
Amazon Redshift any
Amazon S3 N/A requires an API key
Apache Kafka 0.10.0 or higher unauthenticated only
Google BigQuery N/A requires a Google Cloud service account
Google Sheets N/A requires a Google Cloud service account
Elasticsearch 6.0.0 or higher unauthenticated only
MariaDB 10.0 or higher add as MySQL
MongoDB 4.0 or higher
MySQL 5.7 or higher
Oracle 11g or higher
PostgreSQL 10.0 or higher
SQL Server 2012 or higher or Azure SQL

The TPC-DS data source is a built-in data source that can be used for testing. We will use it for illustration throughout the rest of the manual.