8  Users and Groups

EdgeSet is designed to be used by many people (and programs) in your organization. You should create a user not just for each person who will be using EdgeSet but also for any programs that will be accessing EdgeSet, such as cron jobs or other applications. Doing so will make it easier to assign appropriate permissions and track usage later.

User and permission lists showing the initial admin user created during setup

8.1 Adding users

When creating users, you must assign a password (instead of using an existing single sign-on system). This is so that users can connect from other non-web [Clients].

Adding a new user with a randomly-generated password by clicking Random and then Create user

Users can change their password once they have logged in by visiting their user settings page.

8.2 Grouping users

Groups exist to make assigning permissions simpler, especially for large organizations (or for small organizations planning to grow).

Initially only the special admin group exists

Adding a group by typing its name and clicking Create group

“analysts” group expanded to accept new users

User “alp” has been added to group “analysts” and the group user count has been updated to 1 to reflect the change